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A ENGAGEMENT Ring for a Man

Ring of engagement for man

As the society evolves changing, customs and traditions change. In the past, marriage proposals were exclusively the responsibility of men who asked for the bride's hand in marriage. It is now more commonplace that men receive a marriage proposal, and therefore an engagement ring, from family members or potential spouses.

Jewelry designers and jewelers are now creating modern engagement rings for males. The result is stunning. Less delicate and feminine than classic jewelry for women, but more masculine with a certain size.

Rings for engagement for men - traditional and modern

The custom of giving rings as part a proposal has a rather unromantic history: in earlier times, the ring was utilized to prove the receipt of the dowry and to act as a pledge. The father of the bride often gave the dowry portion to the groom if he wished to agree to the proposal. This tradition of engagement meant that the bride's family could prove in case of doubt that she had paid the dowry and received the ring back in exchange.

Today both women and men propose marriage and need permission from parents for the sake of form and formality if needed. However, the custom of presenting a ring along with the proposal has been kept for a long time, and will show the world the bond and love between two people.

Who is the one who buys the engagement ring the man?

A man's engagement ring represents equality. Modern couples don't care if the man takes only a few months' worth of salary to buy a beautiful engagement ring, just as it was in the past. As a small concession tradition, some couples choose an engagement ring pair to mark the occasion and the woman's ring set with stones.

If the proposal comes from a woman or the other partner it is a natural gesture for the lucky couple to receive an engagement ring. In most cases women prefer wearing matching engagement rings throughout the engagement time. If the couple is of the same gender the couple will wear identical rings.

Right or left? Which hand is the right one?

Which hand should the engagement ring go on? The debate is over what place to put the engagement ring on men. One thing is certain that the majority of men wear their engagement rings on their finger that holds the ring. In most regions of the world, married couples wear their wedding rings on the left hand. In Germany and other countries, however, it is the right hand.

If you want to put the engagement ring on the opposite hand to differentiate the engagement ring from the wedding ring, in Germany most people put it on the left ring finger.

If you intend to place the engagement ring prior to the wedding band after the wedding, the scenario is different. If you decide to stack rings, you choose the hand to wear the wedding ring as soon as you can. In the end, however, it is dependent on your personal preference. If you're unable to choose a hand or want to take a different route then you can wear the ring that is attached to an elastic chain around your neck.

Engagement rings with designs for men that are cool and precious

The engagement ring is elegant, striking, solid, and not at all playful. It's not a woman's ring. Instead, its uniqueness is due to the innovative use of materials.

According to your personal preference You can pick from traditional precious metals such as platinum white or yellow gold as well as sparkling silver. If you're looking for something more modern, you can choose innovative models made of titanium, carbon or palladium, in a array of combinations.

Explore the vast selection of engagement rings from JC Trauringe that come in a variety of sizes. The interactive configurator can help you find your engagement ring step-by-step.

The perfect gift for guys Engagement rings from JC Trauringe

What price can the engagement ring be? The costs for engagement rings from JC Trauringe start at around 40 euros and will cover any budget. Since an engagement ring for men is usually not desired with a gemstone and a diamond, male-specific rings are typically less expensive than engagement rings for women. If you're looking for a solid platinum ring, consider spending at least 1,000 euros.

To ensure that you and your loved one are really satisfied with the ring that you have selected, we provide the possibility of a ring exchange. You will also receive free engraving and shipping for every ring.

Rings for engagements for men at an enticing glance

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Engagement Rings for Men

Do men wear engagement rings?

It's become a cherished tradition for men to get engagement rings. The reason for this is usually the couple's desire for equality or that a couple of the same gender is planning to tie the knot.

What will an engagement ring for the man in your life going to cost?

The middle price range that is where the greatest amount of engagement rings are available from, is between 200 to 500 euros. The price is determined by the man's ideas and preferences.

What does an engagement ring designed for men look like

Engagement rings for men look more like wedding rings than engagement rings for women. They're typically quite large, and are made of many different materials. The design is typically simple, with no decorations or stones.

Where do men wear their engagement rings?

A couple usually feels it is important not to wear their engagement rings in the same hand as the wedding ring. In Germany, that would be the right hand. The engagement ring is typically placed on the left hand for the majority of couples.


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